How To Find Someones Email On Twitter?

Finding someone's email address on Twitter can be a tricky task, especially if the person is not explicitly sharing it on their profile. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can find the email address you're looking for and connect with the person you want to reach. In this blog, we'll cover various methods for finding someone's email address on Twitter, including searching their Twitter profile, utilizing third-party tools, and outreaching to the user.

Use Email Permutator Sheet To Find Email From Twitter (X)

Rob Ousbey from developed an email address permutator that generates possible email addresses based on the real name of the user. The tool can be accessed by copying a Google sheet and filling it in with your information. To generate email addresses, the tool applies different permutations. Alternatively you can use the email permutator tool.

Note that the tool only works if the real name of the user is available. You can specify the domain, such as "" for Gmail addresses, in the Google sheet.

After generating a list of possible email addresses, you can't just send messages to all of them. Instead, you can use LinkedIn's Sales Navigator, a free Gmail plugin, to verify the validity of each email address. If a valid email address is found, you can then send a message to that contact.

It's worth mentioning that Sales Navigator used to be known as Rapportive, and it was owned by LinkedIn under that name. The name was changed as part of integrating the tool into LinkedIn's other corporate tools.

Searching Twitter Profile and Google It

You should think that but you can try it.

Check the bio section of the profileOne of the first places to check when trying to find someone's email address on Twitter is their bio section. Some users may include their email address in their bio, making it easy to find.

Look for the website link in the profile

Another place to look for an email address is on the user's website. If they have a website link in their Twitter profile, check the "Contact" or "About" page on their site. They may have included their email address there.

Twitter does not provide a direct way to access the email address associated with a profile. However, the email address may be listed on the website linked in the profile, if the profile owner has chosen to make it public. To access the website, click on the link in the profile's "Website" section.

Use Twitter Email Finder Tools

We wrote a article about best twitter email finder tools here. You can explore all the tools we have and explore.

Emailsearch Twitter Email Finder

Unlock the power of prospecting with, a versatile email finding tool that scours the vast expanse of Twitter for valuable leads. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly locate email addresses of prospects, customers, and leads by searching for domain names, LinkedIn profiles, or company names. The icing on the cake is the Chrome extension that streamlines the process even further by allowing you to unearth emails directly from LinkedIn profiles. boasts of several advantages, including:

  • A personal email finder that delves deep into the bowels of Twitter
  • High accuracy of email addresses to avoid wasting time and energy on incorrect information
  • User-friendly interface that is a breeze to navigate
  • Integration with LinkedIn to leverage the power of networking
  • Email verification feature to validate the legitimacy of an email address

However, like any tool, also has its limitations:

  • The number of search results per day is capped
  • Pricing plans tend to be higher compared to similar tools

Despite these drawbacks, has a reputation for delivering high accuracy of email addresses and a user-friendly interface. This has translated into high user satisfaction, with many customers taking the time to leave glowing reviews.

So, if you're looking for a reliable and efficient email finder tool for Twitter, is well worth considering. Just keep in mind that it's not the same as, another popular email finder tool. To make an informed decision, it's always advisable to evaluate the features and pricing of various tools to determine which one aligns with your needs and requirements.

Google Hacks to Find Someone's Email on Twitter

Here are a few tips that can help you find someone's email address from twitter using Google search:

  1. Use quotes: If you know the exact name and domain of the email address you're looking for, use quotes to search for it, e.g. "".
  2. Use the right keywords: Try searching for the person's name along with keywords like "email", "contact", or "info".
  3. Search for the company's website: If you know the person's place of work, you can search for their company's website and look for a contact page or an "About Us" section where the employee's email address might be listed.
  4. Try common email formats: If you don't know the person's specific email address, you can try searching for common formats like "" or "".

Keep in mind that these methods are not guaranteed to work and may not always provide accurate results. It's always better to directly reach out to the person and ask for their email address if you need to get in touch with them.

Why Finding Email From Twitter Effective for Marketing and Lead Prospecting?

Finding email addresses from Twitter can be effective for marketing and lead prospecting in several ways:

  1. Personalization: Having the email address of a Twitter user allows you to personalize your marketing messages and increase their effectiveness.
  2. Increased Reach: By combining your Twitter and email marketing efforts, you can reach a larger audience and maximize your chances of generating leads.
  3. Better Targeting: By gathering email addresses from Twitter, you can segment your audience based on their interests and behaviors, allowing you to better target your marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Twitter for marketing purposes?

Twitter can be used for marketing purposes in several ways, including:

  • Building a strong brand presence by consistently posting high-quality content
  • Engaging with your target audience by responding to mentions, tweets, and direct messages
  • Running targeted Twitter ads to reach a specific audience
  • Collaborating with influencers or partners to promote your brand

How do I create a Twitter marketing campaign?

To create a Twitter marketing campaign, follow these steps:

  • Define your marketing goals and target audience
  • Develop a content strategy and schedule
  • Engage with your followers and respond to their tweets and messages
  • Run targeted ads and monitor their performance
  • Evaluate the success of your campaign and make adjustments as needed

How do I measure the success of my Twitter marketing campaign?

To measure the success of your Twitter marketing campaign, you can track metrics such as:

  • Followers gained or lost
  • Engagement rates (e.g. likes, retweets, replies)
  • Website clicks or conversions from Twitter ads
  • Lead generation and sales
  • Brand awareness and sentiment

What are some best practices for Twitter marketing?

Some best practices for Twitter marketing include:

  • Creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content
  • Consistently posting and engaging with your audience
  • Running targeted ads to reach the right audience
  • Collaborating with influencers or partners
  • Staying up to date with the latest Twitter trends and features

How much does it cost to run a Twitter marketing campaign?

The cost of running a Twitter marketing campaign can vary depending on the size of your target audience, the types of ads you run, and the budget you have allocated for your campaign. Twitter offers a range of ad options, including promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends, each with its own pricing structure. You can start with a small budget and adjust as needed based on your campaign's performance.

Learning Someone’s Email Address From Twitter Bio

Let's start with the simplest method. You can find out the email address from someone's Twitter bio. Many people write their personal email address in the biography section and aim to make it easier for people to reach him or her (moreover, it can also be a corporate company).

Especially if the person you want to reach is on Twitter with his professional identity, it is highly likely that he shared an email in the bio section. So first click on the person's Twitter profile and take a look at the biography section.

twittor bio for finding email address

TIP: If the person's Twitter profile is hidden and this person does not accept your request for follow-up, you can still easily view the information written in the bio section and learn the email address.

Learning Someone’s Email Address By Advanced Search on Twitter

By using Twitter's advanced search system, you can make customized searches and find your destination faster. If you know the person's Twitter address, your job is really easy.

Take advantage of the Twitter Advanced Search service. This system allows you to find tweets posted by a particular person within the framework of a keyword.

twitter advanced search to find email address

Often individuals share their email addresses by tweeting with their followers. However, in order to prevent this tweet from being used by bots, @ is not usually used before the domain of the email address. Instead, a dot, a dash, can be used. In this case, what you need to do is to search for a tweet specific to the profile by guessing the words that might have been in such a tweet. What can these words be?

1. Email address
2. Write Me
3. Contact Me
4. Gmail
5. Mail Account
6. Send Me

Search for tweets on Twitter in the words above. To make the search happen only between tweets sent from that profile, you add a parenthesis at the end of the keyword. Type the word ‘from’, and  then write the person's username there. It's that simple!

Learning Someone’s Email Address By Finding Linkedin Account

An individual's Twitter address can give us detailed information about the individual’s life. For example, the company where the person works, the position of him or her, age or profession in the company where the one works, can usually be deduced from Twitter. With the information you get here, you can make a short search on Google and find the person's Linkedin account immediately.

To do this, type the person's name and surname on the Google search button. Next to it, type Linkedin. If the person's name and surname are very common words, remember to include the company name that the person works for in the search. In this way, you can be sure that you find the correct Linkedin address. So what's the next step?

Click on the Contact Info tab in the profile via the Linkedin account. In general, users share their business mail here. Learning a business mail can also be a good way to find the user's personal mail address. After learning the pattern of the person using mail, you can also guess the gmail or hotmail account by changing the domain part.

To find out if the mail account you guessed isreal, search this email on Google and see the results.

You can also perform verification using emailverifier applications.

Learning Someone’s Email Address on Twitter By Email Permutator

email permutator app to find email addres

We also want to talk about the different forms of email guessing you can use for learning someone’s email address by finding linkedin account method. Once you find the business mail, try changing the same name to the domain. If you haven't found the right mail account, try the following guessing options:
1. First name
2. First name + surname
3. First name + the 1st letter of their last name
4. The 1st letter of their first name + last name
5. Initials (first letters of the first name and last name)

Try the different options above with the correct domain, search on Google or quickly verify from email verifier applications.
So, what relationship do these methods have with the email permutator application? If you wish, instead of manually creating an alternative according to the above templates, use Email permutator +. Thanks to this app, you can find options for possible mail addresses of people whose name and surname you know. You can then verify them again via Google or email verifier sites.

Advanced Search Techniques on Twitter

twitter x advanced search

Finding Clues in Past Tweets

Sometimes, the information you're looking for has already been shared publicly by the user. Twitter's advanced search is a potent tool that can help you sift through a user's tweet history to find if they've ever shared their email address. Here's how to utilize it effectively:

  • Accessing Advanced Search: Go to Twitter's search bar and type in the person's Twitter handle. Then, click on the 'Advanced Search' option located under the 'More options' tab on the right-hand side of the search results.
  • Using Keywords: In the advanced search, use keywords like 'email', 'contact', 'reach me at', or other phrases someone might use when sharing their email address. Combine these with the person's Twitter handle in your search query.
  • Timeframe Filter: If you remember seeing the person tweet their email address around a specific time, use the date filter to narrow down your search to that period. This can significantly reduce the number of tweets you need to sift through.
  • Scanning Through Tweets: Look through the search results for any tweets where the user might have shared their email address. Be prepared to go through a considerable number of tweets, especially if the account is particularly active.
  • Respecting Privacy: Remember, even if you find an email address through this method, it’s crucial to respect the individual’s privacy. Use the email address responsibly and in accordance with why they shared it publicly.

Using Twitter’s advanced search is a respectful way to find information that has already been made public by the user. It’s a method that balances your need to find specific information with the user’s right to privacy and consent.