How To Find Someones Email On Twitter

Being one of the most preferred social media platforms in recent years, Twitter is used by millions of people. Twitter is a field where individuals prefer to share information and data for both professional and personal purposes.

Finding someone's Twitter address is much easier than finding that person's email address. Because individuals share links of their Twitter accounts online through different social media platforms, and they use their Twitter addresses publicly. So, what should we do when we want to reach the email address of someone whose Twitter username is known by us?

In our content today, we will try to find the answer to the question how to find someones email on twitter. We will be talking about both manual methods that can be used free of charge and digital tools that are paid but will quickly give you the desired result. For more, check out the rest of the content.

Learning Someone’s Email Address From Twitter Bio

Let's start with the simplest method. You can find out the email address from someone's Twitter bio. Many people write their personal email address in the biography section and aim to make it easier for people to reach him or her (moreover, it can also be a corporate company).

Especially if the person you want to reach is on Twitter with his professional identity, it is highly likely that he shared an email in the bio section. So first click on the person's Twitter profile and take a look at the biography section.

twittor bio for finding email address

TIP: If the person's Twitter profile is hidden and this person does not accept your request for follow-up, you can still easily view the information written in the bio section and learn the email address.

Learning Someone’s Email Address By Advanced Search on Twitter

By using Twitter's advanced search system, you can make customized searches and find your destination faster. If you know the person's Twitter address, your job is really easy.

Take advantage of the Twitter Advanced Search service. This system allows you to find tweets posted by a particular person within the framework of a keyword.

twitter advanced search to find email address

Often individuals share their email addresses by tweeting with their followers. However, in order to prevent this tweet from being used by bots, @ is not usually used before the domain of the email address. Instead, a dot, a dash, can be used. In this case, what you need to do is to search for a tweet specific to the profile by guessing the words that might have been in such a tweet. What can these words be?

1. Email address
2. Write Me
3. Contact Me
4. Gmail
5. Mail Account
6. Send Me

Search for tweets on Twitter in the words above. To make the search happen only between tweets sent from that profile, you add a parenthesis at the end of the keyword. Type the word ‘from’, and  then write the person's username there. It's that simple!

Learning Someone’s Email Address By Finding Linkedin Account

An individual's Twitter address can give us detailed information about the individual’s life. For example, the company where the person works, the position of him or her, age or profession in the company where the one works, can usually be deduced from Twitter. With the information you get here, you can make a short search on Google and find the person's Linkedin account immediately.

To do this, type the person's name and surname on the Google search button. Next to it, type Linkedin. If the person's name and surname are very common words, remember to include the company name that the person works for in the search. In this way, you can be sure that you find the correct Linkedin address. So what's the next step?

Click on the Contact Info tab in the profile via the Linkedin account. In general, users share their business mail here. Learning a business mail can also be a good way to find the user's personal mail address. After learning the pattern of the person using mail, you can also guess the gmail or hotmail account by changing the domain part.

To find out if the mail account you guessed isreal, search this email on Google and see the results.

You can also perform verification using emailverifier applications.

Learning Someone’s Email Address on Twitter By Email Permutator

email permutator app to find email addres

We also want to talk about the different forms of email guessing you can use for learning someone’s email address by finding linkedin account method. Once you find the business mail, try changing the same name to the domain. If you haven't found the right mail account, try the following guessing options:
1. First name
2. First name + surname
3. First name + the 1st letter of their last name
4. The 1st letter of their first name + last name
5. Initials (first letters of the first name and last name)

Try the different options above with the correct domain, search on Google or quickly verify from email verifier applications.
So, what relationship do these methods have with the email permutator application? If you wish, instead of manually creating an alternative according to the above templates, use Email permutator +. Thanks to this app, you can find options for possible mail addresses of people whose name and surname you know. You can then verify them again via Google or email verifier sites.

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