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Find any emails and phones from a domain, Linkedin, name, and company.
Prospect from 600M business contacts and 20M companies.
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Find emails and more from domain search.

  • Find all people working in a company
  • +400 million indexed email address
  • Find company details of the domain, employees of that company and technologies used on the domain
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Finding an email takes just in seconds.

Reach emails from 600 million Linkedin Sales Navigator

  • Find emails of people with these criteria: Geography, company, industry, company headcount, function and job title.
  • Use our Chrome extension and find the email address of all the people you profile on the linkedin.
Inmail is a complete nightmare and very costly, reaching people with is more professionals and affordable.

Find company details and current employees.

  • Find company profiles according to these details: company name, domain, year founded, industry, size range, location, country, LinkedIn URL, and all employee information.
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Data Enrichment Made Simple

  • - Access from more than +20M B2B companies.
    - Extract local businesses from Google Maps.
    - Find company domains from names.
    - Get all employee's emails from a list of domains.
    - Send all the data to your CRM via Zapier.
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Here’s why over 50,000 sales pros love

the highest accuracy rate.

The highest
accuracy rate

Emailsearch’s accuracy is the highest in the industry - with 92% accurate emails. Create segmented email lists with a high deliverability rate and relevant business information for targeted campaigns.

Not only professional emails but also personal emails

Most services only find professional email addresses. These email addresses may change over time and are less effective than personal email. Emailsearch finds personal and professional email addresses at the same time.

GDPR and
CCPA compliant

Emailsearch is 27001 ISO certified, CCPA and GDPR aligned.
We crawl public data only.

The world's leading companies use

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LinkedIN Email Extractor

Extract email and phone numbers from Linkedin Sales Navigator without limits.

* Find personal & business email addresses
* Export without visiting profiles
* Works with a Chrome extension
* The highest accuracy rate
* Send the data to our CRM and Drip Campaigns

B2B Company Data Finder

Get the most accurate B2B contact data — from direct dials to verified email addresses — to connect with buyers when it matters most.

* Extract from more than +40M B2B companies
* Find company domains from names
* Get all employee's emails from a list of domains
* Send all the data to your platform via Zapier.

CRM and Drip Email Campaigns

Emailsearch lets you automate emails and tasks to maximize efficiency and accelerate your sales pipeline.

* End-to-end personalization
* Send emails from your business email provider
* Actionable engagement analytics

Common Questions.

What is emailsearch?

Emailsearch is an innovative email search engine designed to find any emails and phone numbers from various sources including a domain, LinkedIn, name, and company. It's highly favored by over 50,000 sales professionals for its unparalleled accuracy and comprehensive features.

How can I find email addresses with

There are several ways to find the email address of the person you are looking for with You can find the email address of the person you want with three different methods: email search with name, email search with a domain, and email search via Linkedin.

We also have CSV upload and API solutions for multiple email searches.

What is the accuracy of the email finder?

Depending on the data we have, we can have a very high degree of certainty, and other e-mail addresses may carry a higher risk. The accuracy of the result is provided by the algorithm we have developed.

Why do sales professionals prefer emailsearch?

Sales professionals prefer Emailsearch due to its industry-leading 92% accuracy rate in finding emails. This high accuracy ensures segmented email lists with high deliverability rates and relevant business information for targeted campaigns.

Are the email addresses guesses or actually found somewhere?

We regularly crawl every month over 200 million domain addresses and reach their email addresses. Also, we make predictions with the algorithm we developed and offer you with email verification.

How are you different from other email finder tools?

We crawl more websites much more often. Our interface is simple, and you can reach the person you want without giving detailed information. The algorithm we developed is special and licensed to us so that we can offer you much better and richer results.

These are the three crucial distinguishing features that set us apart from other email finding tools.

Is emailsearch compliant with GDPR and CCPA?

Absolutely. Emailsearch prides itself on being 27001 ISO certified and aligned with GDPR and CCPA regulations, ensuring data protection and privacy compliance.

How does the LinkedIn Email Extractor work?

The LinkedIn Email Extractor is a feature that allows users to extract email and phone numbers from LinkedIn Sales Navigator without limits. This feature works with a Chrome extension and allows for the export of data without visiting profiles directly.

How does emailsearch integrate with CRM and Drip Email Campaigns?

Emailsearch seamlessly integrates with CRM systems and Drip Email Campaigns. This integration allows for the automation of emails and tasks, maximizing efficiency and accelerating your sales pipeline. It supports end-to-end personalization and provides actionable engagement analytics.

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Finding email addresses isn't a complex task. Whether you have a list of contacts from social networks, a phone number, or just a name, makes it simple to discover their email addresses. Our versatile approach caters to various needs, ensuring you always stay connected.

Introducing - The Ultimate B2B Email Finder is more than just a search engine; it's a powerful tool for B2B marketing. Tailored to meet the needs of professionals, our service efficiently targets individuals by job description, company name, or personal name. With our unique technology, identifying email contacts of professionals on company websites or LinkedIn profiles becomes a breeze.

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Quality is at the heart of We understand the dynamic nature of email addresses in the corporate world and prioritize keeping our data up-to-date. Our dual focus on finding both personal and company email addresses sets us apart in the market. For a comprehensive analysis, don't miss our insightful email finder blog post.

What is a Reverse Email Search Engine?

A reverse email search engine reveals associated profiles, names, and personal details using just an email address. While doesn't directly offer this service, we provide valuable references to tools that do, as featured on our blog. We have also lots of free tools for everyone like free email verifier tool to validate email addresses before you send an email.

LinkedIn Emails? Absolutely!

Yes, Linkedin Email Finder efficiently mines LinkedIn profiles for email addresses. Simply add our Chrome extension, sign up for a free account, and you're set to extract individual or collective emails and personal information from LinkedIn searches. stands as a leader in email discovery. Whether for networking, sales, or marketing, our tool is designed to streamline your outreach efforts. Dive into the world of efficient communication with today! You may discover best linkedin email extractor and linkedin email finders before you start with

LinkedIn Email Discovery Made Simple

LinkedIn is a goldmine for professional networking, and seamlessly integrates with it. By adding our intuitive Chrome extension and signing up for a free account, you unlock the potential to extract emails from LinkedIn profiles. Whether you're seeking individual contacts or a list of emails from search results, our tool is optimized for efficiency and accuracy.

More Than Just an Email Finder

At, we believe in empowering our users. Our platform is designed not only as an email finder but as a comprehensive communication tool. From sales professionals to marketers, our tool caters to a wide array of needs, enhancing outreach strategies and building effective communication channels. Our commitment to privacy and compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations ensures that your search is not only effective but also ethically responsible. If you think to consider other email finder tools you may read our email finder tool comparison blog post.

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Step into the future of professional networking and communication with Our user-friendly interface, combined with our robust technology, makes us the go-to choice for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're launching a marketing campaign, building a sales pipeline, or expanding your professional network, is here to streamline your efforts.

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