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Join the 50,000+ businesses whose sales and marketing teams rely on Emailsearch’s B2B database to identify, connect with, and close more customers.
linkedin email extractor

Linkedin Email Extractor

Extract email and phone numbers from Linkedin Sales Navigator without limits.

* Find personal & business email addresses
* Export without visiting profiles
* Works with a Chrome extension
* The highest accuracy rate
* Send the data to our CRM and Drip Campaigns

B2B Company Data

Get the most accurate B2B contact data — from direct dials to verified email addresses — to connect with buyers when it matters most.

* Extract from more than +40M B2B companies
* Extract local businesses from Google Maps
* Find company domains from names
* Get all employee's emails from a list of domains
* Send all the data to your platform via Zapier.
b2b data download
crm and drip email campaigns with

CRM and Drip Email Campaigns

Emailsearch lets you automate emails and tasks to maximize efficiency and accelerate your sales pipeline.

* End-to-end personalization
* Send emails from your business email provider
* Actionable engagement analytics

Get the B2B data and software you need to connect with and close your most valuable buyers.

Some other features you need experience it.

Linkedin Email Extractor

Social Media Email Extractor

Find Contacts From Domain Name

Export B2B Company Database

Email Verify API

New Registered Domains Data

CRM and Drip Email Campaigns

B2B Data Enrichment

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