We don't just
talk the talk,
we walk the walk.

Let’s talk about some of the more important technical details on a video call.
Of customers would recommend us to friend.
We have a young team with an average age of 28.
Average monthly signups since we launched in June 2017.
Total cumulative hours of downtime in previous 18 months.

Core Values

Core behaviours

We don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviors.

Start with customers

Customers are our main focus. We strive for the best experience.

Move intentionally fast

We make quick decisions and implement them. Corporate processes have no place in our team.

Lead by serving others

We are not imitating, we are looking for the best.

Current Openings

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“Our team were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Lily Weston
Customer Success Manager