How Can I Find All The Website Accounts That Are Associated With My Email Address?

As technology evolves and new apps and functions for connectivity in the digital arena are being produced, the security of our personal accounts has begun to be compromised. Dozens of different applications registered with e-mail addresses are systems that we give dozens of different permissions. Moreover, we can give various permissions to new applications to make changes on the mail system, sometimes without even noticing. To be fully aware of such situations, it may be useful to ask the question how can i find all the website accounts that are associated with my email address.

In today's article, we will give you detailed information on a few tricks on how to identify different accounts linked to your email account. The vast majority of these tricks are completely free and require a few manual actions. Using email finder applications is paid, but it allows you to perform operations without any fatigue. Let's examine it together!

How Can I Find All The Website Accounts That Are Associated With My Email Address?

Why It Is Important To Know Which Accounts Connected To My Email Address?

Today, while registering for different social media platforms or other platforms that provide digital services, we are asked for our email address. When we give this address, we give them many permissions. It is important to be aware of these permissions to recognize upcoming paid services. You should have control over your email address to be informed about payment schedules, permissions and privacy violations.

In today's digital world, our email addresses are like keys to numerous virtual doors. From social media accounts to online shopping platforms, an email address connects us to a myriad of online services. But with so many accounts, it can be challenging to keep track of where our email has been used. This blog post explores effective methods to uncover all the website accounts linked to your email address, ensuring better management of your digital footprint and enhancing online security.

Finding Connected Accounts on my Gmail Address

If you opened your existing email account through the Google system, your domain name should end with In this case, enter your account password and go to your account settings. Follow the steps below in order. In this way, you will be able to easily view and make changes to your linked accounts.

1. Go to the Google Account Settings page.

2. Click the Security tab on the right menu.

3. Then go to Connected applications and sites via the newly opened menu.  

When you follow the above steps one by one, you will see all the accounts and applications linked to your email account. Moreover, you can revise them or play with their settings if you wish.

finding connected account from email address
You need to click your connected apps & sites
gmail remove email address access
Then choose the connected apps to remove access.

Finding Website Accounts From Email Data Leaks

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website account check with have i been pwened

Finding Connected Accounts on my Outlook or Hotmail Address

If your current email address has been set up via the Outlook or Hotmail system, the domain will also be or (New mails are, as Outlook buy the Hotmail) First of all, you need to log in to your account by going to Outlook. You can then take action from the settings one by one:

microsoft outlook connectors to remove access


1. Go to your account page.

2. Then you need to click on the Privacy tab with your personal information.

3. You want more specialized information, not basic information. So click on Other Privacy Settings.

4. You will then see a title called . Below that is the list of apps and services that you allow. The title of the list is Connectors that can access your data.

5. Here you will be able to view and revise all application and service accounts linked to your email address. It's that simple!

6. So how will the revoking process be? If you wish, click on the text Edit. You will have to hover over the app's name to click on it. Then select the Remove command.

Finding Connected Accounts on my Yahoo Address

If the domain part of your email account ends with Yahoo, log in to your Yahoo account with your username and password and then follow the steps below one by one:

finding connected account from yahoo

1. First click on the icon on the top that will take you to your profile.

2. Then go to the relevant section by clicking on the tab.

3. Here you will be able to see all the applications connected to your account in detail. Moreover, you can also remove them to revoke activities and permissions.

4. To revoke, all you have to do is click on Remove.


Finding Accounts Connected To Email via Social Media Platforms

The connection of many applications to our e-mail address takes place through social media platforms. While using various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, we also perform many permissions and authorizations at the same time. So finding accounts connected to email via social media platforms can also be a good idea. After accessing your social media accounts, it is very easy to find connected accounts and applications with the help of a few minor settings.

Finding Accounts Connected To Email via Facebook

To find out the applications and accounts connected to your Facebook account, first go to Facebook and sign in. We recommend that you follow the steps below to reach the relevant section later:

facebook app settings access


1.Go to Settings from your profile.

2. Click the tab that says Apps among the tabs that will appear.

3. Then you need to click on App settings.

4. When you click here, you will see an additional option called Show All, and if you click on it, you will have the chance to see all application and authorization permissions connected to your account.

5. You can revoke these permissions quickly and easily via the system.

Finding Accounts Connected To Email via Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that use a lot of affiliate apps. In order to see the applications and accounts that have been provided to the authority on Instagram, we recommend that you first log in to your Instagram account via your mobile application. Then you can follow the steps below:

instagram remove app access


1. Click the Gear icon.

2. Then, go to Settings from the options you see.

3. Click Authorized Apps via Settings. In this way, with the permission provided through your Instagram account, you will be able to see the applications running depending on your email address.

4. If you wish, you can click Revoke Access to remove the authority of these applications.

Finding Accounts Connected To Email via Twitter

Finding accounts connected to email via Twitter method can also provide you with very detailed information about accounts you have given permission before. After logging into your Twitter account via the web or mobile app, you can follow the steps below one by one:


1. Click on your profile photo. In this way, you will have a chance to take action on your profile.

2. Then click Settings.

3. Finally, check out the Privacy and Safety category.

4. Under this category, there should be an option called Apps. Here you need to operate on this option.

5. You can see a detailed list of applications in the list here.

6. If you wish, you can cancel some of the authorized applications with the Revoke Access code.

Finding Accounts Connected To Email via Linkedin

Linkedin accounts, which are used for professional purposes, also allow many additional applications and web accounts and cause them to work in conjunction with your email address. In this case, you must first login to your Linkedin account and then follow the steps below:



1. First, go to your profile page.

2. Then click on the Account Settings page.

3. Click the Partners and Third Parties link on this page.

4. When you click here, you can see an extensive list of different job application sites or other additional applications.

5. By clicking the Remove option, you can completely revoke the authority of the application you want.

Finding Accounts Connected To Telephone Number

Today, we also provide our phone number to many platforms that we register via email. Moreover, we often perform account verification operations over telephone numbers. So it might also make sense to run a search related to accounts linked to the phone number. In this context, the following steps can be followed:

finding accounts according to phone numbers


1. If you want to find out if you have an account on a particular website or app, there is a method you can do manually. Here are these steps one by one:

2. First, go to the app or platform in question.

3. Then click log in from this platform.

4. After clicking on log in, click on the option that indicates that you forgot your password or click on the Account Recovery option.

5. Enter your phone number on the resulting page.

6. If the page says that there is no account for this number, this application may not be an authorized application.

7. If you receive a recovery code on your phone number, it will be possible to say that this application is connected to your phone number, so perhaps your email address.

Finding Accounts Connected To Email by Searching on Inbox

Another method you can choose to find accounts linked to your email address is stored directly in your email inbox! We recommend that you open your e-mail address on the web to make this process more convenient and faster. Whichever e-mail address you use, go to that platform and log in to your profile. Then we want you to search through your inbox.

Searching with a keyword focus will enable you to find verification mails from the applications you previously allowed. In this way, you can easily list the applications and accounts that were connected to your mail even years ago.

gmail email search welcome mail

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. First, go to the page of the mail application you use.

2. Then log in to your profile.

3. Then go to the inbox page.

4. Then manually run multiple searches to find emails with the following keywords:

* Confirm

* Subscription

* Joining

* Account

* Password

* activate

* Unsubscribe

* Register

* Welcome

* Your username

Manual Search: Checking Email Archives

Sifting Through Your Email History

One of the most straightforward methods to find out where your email address is registered is by searching your email archives. Most online accounts require email verification upon signing up, so your inbox is likely filled with registration confirmations, welcome emails, and newsletters from various services.

  • Start with Your Inbox: Look for keywords like "Welcome," "Thank you for registering," "Verify your account," or "Subscription." These terms can lead you to emails that are directly linked to account registrations.
  • Check Other Email Folders: Don’t forget to look in your Spam, Social, or Promotions folders, as some account confirmation emails might have been filtered there.
  • Create a List: As you find relevant emails, make a list of all the websites and services where your email address is registered. This will not only help you keep track but also identify accounts that you no longer use and may want to deactivate.
  • Organize Your Emails: Consider creating a dedicated folder in your email for account registrations and subscriptions. This can make future searches easier and help maintain your digital organization.

Through this manual search, you’ll likely rediscover accounts you had forgotten about, providing a clear picture of your digital engagement and presence.

Utilizing 'Forgot Password' Features

Identifying Accounts Through Recovery Options

Another method to discover which accounts are linked to your email address involves using the 'Forgot Password' feature found on most login pages. This approach can indicate whether an account associated with your email address exists on a particular site.

  • Visit the Website: Go to the login page of the website you suspect you have an account with.
  • Use the 'Forgot Password' Option: Select the 'Forgot Password' or 'Trouble Logging In?' link. This is typically located near the login fields.
  • Enter Your Email Address: Input your email address in the provided field. If an account is linked to that email, the site will usually send a password reset email.
  • Check Your Inbox: Look for a password reset email. Its presence confirms that there is an account associated with your email on that website.
  • Privacy Note: While this method is effective, use it judiciously to respect privacy and avoid triggering security alerts on your accounts.

Conducting a Reverse Email Lookup

Exploring Reverse Email Search Tools

Reverse email lookup tools can be instrumental in finding out where your email address is registered. These tools work by searching through public records and data sources to find links between your email address and online accounts.

  • Choose a Reverse Email Lookup Tool: There are various online tools available for this purpose, such as BeenVerified, Spokeo, or
  • Enter Your Email Address: Input your email address into the search bar of the chosen tool.
  • Review the Results: The tool will provide a list of websites and services where your email address is found. This might include social media profiles, forum accounts, or other online registrations.
  • Consider the Limitations: Keep in mind that these tools might not find every account, as their search is limited to publicly available information.

Using these tools can provide a comprehensive view of your online presence. However, be mindful of privacy concerns and the accuracy of the information provided by these services.

Understanding the Digital Footprint

Your Email Address: A Cornerstone of Your Online Identity

A digital footprint is essentially a trail of data you create while using the Internet. It includes the websites you visit, the emails you send, and the information you submit online. Central to this footprint is your email address—it acts as a unique identifier, linking you to various online accounts and activities.

Every time you sign up for a new website, subscribe to a newsletter, or register for an online service, you leave a trace with your email address. Over time, these traces accumulate, forming a comprehensive record of your online presence. While this is convenient for personalization and ease of access, it also raises concerns about privacy and security. Understanding which websites have your email information is crucial in managing your digital footprint and protecting your online identity.