30 No-Code Tools to Start Building an MVP in a 2 Days 

An MVP is essential to test your product before sharing it out with the rest of the world.

It helps you find out problems and fix them before launching the full version of your product. 

Creating an app might be a bit tricky if you lack coding knowledge. 

Luckily, in this article you will see 30 no-code tools to start building an MVP in just 2 days

Save time, increase usability, functionality, have the best design and prototype without writing a single code!

no code tools for your mvp
30 No-Code Tools to Start Building an MVP in a 2 Days 

1. Create a Comprehensive Customer Journey Map


You can record every constructive idea about your product with mind mapping.

Create a customer journey map to get the best results from an MVP and its creation process.

With a no-code tool like Xmind, you can mind map, brainstorm, generate ideas, and maximize productivity during the building process of your MVP.

It is an easy-to-use, flexible, and fast mind mapping software.

Cons: Some users find the shortcuts not user-friendly enough. It does not perform well on the Mac interface.

2. Build & Design an MVP Prototype



You can create fully interactive, animated prototypes that work and look like your app should without




  • Some users find it expensive (Starting price $29/month/user)
  • The interface is difficult for beginners
  • Lacks enough import features

Pros: It has various prototyping features like animation, drag & drop, UI prototyping, usability testing, collaboration, and templates.


You can turn your idea into a real app without any coding skills via Adalo.

Keep the control of the design in your hands with the drag and drop feature.

You can launch a native version of your app on the app store for both Android and iOS.


Bubble is a no-code programming language that allows you to build and host web applications.

You can design stunning web and mobile web applications easily with Bubble’s drag and drop builder and create pixel-perfect designs.

Launch your application in one-click on Bubble’s cloud platform.

What can you build with Bubble? 

You can build a WhatsApp clone, a Reddit clone, a Facebook clone, a Spotify clone, and much more without coding via Bubble.


  • Not enough how-to documentation for 3rd party plugins
  • The API connector cannot manage API responses that contain nested arrays which make working with large data sets difficult.


Sketch is a no-code design platform used by over one million people to create, prototype, and collaborate.

You can share your design process, get feedback, test your ideas to create the best MVP, or perfect your idea.

Sketch is trusted by famous product teams such as those of Google, Nintendo, and Facebook.


  • No CSS-export
  • No Windows version available; runs only on Mac OS.
  • No direct selection
  • Inconsistent integration with some plugins


3. Create a No-Code Website or Web & Mobile Apps


You can build, design, and launch business websites visually without the burden of coding with Webflow.

With Webflow, you can build custom blogs, e-commerce stores, and more with its flexible CMS.

It allows you to build your website from prototype to production. Webflow allows you to add 3rd party solutions to enhance your website like popup builders.


  • Lacks multi-filter search functions
  • Limited change history


Ghost is a CMS platform that allows you to publish your content easily.


  • You can build a membership business.
  • Open-source
  • Various integration options
  • Faster than most CMSs
  • Automatically included SEO features
  • Built-in plugins


  • No access to previously used media
  • Some reviews indicate that it sometimes freezes.
  • Lacks in API 


Build your website from your phone without coding via Universe. You can upload videos, share music, and create photo galleries. 

Universe provides templates as well.


  • No mind map
  • No task management

4. Build a Perfect Membership Platform


With MemberSpace, you can create memberships for anything like courses, member directories, video tutorials, and any page of your website.

Charge members one-time, multiple times, or free payment with an optional trial, sign up fee, or tax amount.

Plus, MemberSpace allows you to fully secure any content. 


  • No reporting or tracking available besides the single dashboard page
  • The email customization interface is limited.
  • Code integration is required for some of the customizations.


MemberStack is a no-code membership platform that works with your existing websites.

Create membership and gated content for any website.

With MemberStack you can;


  • Hide content from members or visitors
  • Prevent visitors from accessing certain parts of your website
  • Grant free memberships
  • Charge memberships weekly, monthly, yearly, or on an upgrade
  • Create one-time membership payments, and so on.

5. Have a Simple Database with Spreadsheets


Coda is a doc that brings data, words, and teams together into one flexible surface.

With its building blocks like tables, buttons, and ready-made templates, you can grow your doc as you need.

You can connect Coda to the apps your team uses every day.


  • Too many apps are available in one app which makes it hard to find what you are looking for.
  • Some users find Coda hard to use for beginners.


AwesomeTable provides attractive spreadsheets that are shareable and actionable.

You can add interactive filters, full-text search, and publish in any website or intranet.

It works also works with images, hyperlinks, videos, or anything form the web.


Dashdash is a spreadsheet with which you can find people and companies, send emails, automate your CRM, and more.

It does not require plugins or coding. You can integrate dashdash with SaaS tools.

Automate your tasks, add buttons, and checkboxes to your spreadsheet, publish your app.

6. Automate your Workflows


Docparser is a document parsing app that extracts data from PDF files and automates workflows. 

You can parse PDFs directly, via email, or from the web via acloud integration or Docparser inbound API. 

Plus, you can make the extracted data available via a file download or on the web, like Zapier, or a custom endpoint.  


  • Allows only one user per account
  • Lacks customer support



You can build document automation workflows, create custom web apps to gather information, and populate your documents with Documate.

Plus, it allows you to add branching conditional logic, triggers, calculations, and special formatting.


7. Make your Website Available in Different Languages


Weglot is a website translation solution that requires no coding knowledge. It is compatible with any website CMS or non-CMS.

You can edit and manage your translated website content through an intuitive dashboard.

Webglot also provides language-specific subdomains like fr.mysite.com or subdirectories. It makes your site visible in search engines for your new languages.


  • There is no menu sync
  • Automatic translations may require manual corrections in most cases.


8. Design the Interface without Coding


You can create self-service portals and interface for your customers which they can use to update profiles, track orders, browse the catalog, connect with other users, and so on via Stacker.

Your partners can submit opportunities, see lists of tasks, and so on. 

As for your team, you can create CRMs, employee profiles, and approval forms.


  • Deployment available only on web-based, cloud, SaaS 
  • Lacks training



Retool is a no-code internal tool that saves your time by allowing you to build internal UIs in hours.

You can read, write, and join any data. Retool connects to any HTTP API.

Who else uses Retool? Some of Retool users are companies like DoorDash, Amazon, Plaid, and Brex. 


  • Some reported problems with dashboard load or upload.
  • Some users find it slow.


Figma is a collaborative interface design tool that helps you build products as a team.

It offers features like a modern pen tool, auto layout, plugin options, flexible styles, accessible libraries, and more.

You can invite as many teammates as you want for free and export the assets in any format.


  • The software slows down when the prototype gets to complex
  • Not enough application integrations


9. Email Automation for your MVP


Mailparser is a user-friendly email parsing and workflow automation app that saves you from manual work effort.

The app allows users to define custom parsing rules which will extract data fields from the email sender, email body, the subject, or from the attached files.


  • Eliminates the cost of data errors
  • Lack of desktop installation
  • Slow loading between different inboxes and pages



MailerLite makes email marketing easier. You can create email marketing campaigns and build websites with GetResponse’s advanced tools.

Additionally, you can effortlessly grow your subscriber list, optimize your campaigns with A/B testing tool, and track your campaigns.


Pros from customer’s reviews

"I love this automation because 24/7 it warms up our leads and helps convert them onto a call."

"I Like that get response has most of the main features for the basic plans, allowing good campaigns to be run with automation."

"This is the reason I take great pleasure in using it to send my email subscribers a welcome message, offers on my website and notifications about new posts on my blog."

"It is worth mentioning that our company stands out for having a very original contact with our customers and this is thanks to the templates that GetResponse has."


ConvertKit is an email marketing software for creators. 

Customize and embed forms on your website to convert passive browsers into subscribers with ConvertKit.

You can tag your subscribers based on their activities, interests to easily segment them.


YAMM is a mail merge tool for Gmail. You can send targeted email campaigns to your customers, coworkers, and prospects easily. 

It allows your emails to get to the primary inbox by benefiting from the tier-one deliverability of Gmail.

Furthermore, you can track and manage your email campaign directly in Google Sheets.


  • The tracking status is not live.   
  • You can schedule only one mail merge in advance from a specific account.

10. Analyze your Data Effortlessly

Obviously AI

Get insights into your data, run complex data predictions, and analytics without needing an engineer or coding knowledge via Obviously AI.

It provides fast results of predictions and analytics in under 30 seconds.

11. Process your Data


Parabola is a visual programming platform with no coding. You can tell Parabola how to process your data by effortlessly dragging and dropping pre-built steps. 

Pull and connect your data from anywhere such as your tools, APIs, databases, and files.


  • Very limited free features
  • Some users find Parabola expensive
  • Integration problems


12. Create a Chatbot for your MVP


Landbot is a no-code chatbot builder. Landbot makes it simple to generate leads by guiding them through different forms based on their answers. 

You can create complex conversational chatbots easily with Landbot’s pre-set forms.


  • Only available in English
  • No speech recognition


13. Browse the Changes you Make on an MVP


Sizzy is a browser made for responsive development. You can work on your website and instantly preview the changes you made on multiple devices at once. 

It helps to save time and speed your development workflow.


  • Unfavorable subscription model which lacks one-time payment
  • No free trial


14. Create APIs without Coding

Standard Library

Standard Library is an API integration software stack. It allows you to build Zapier-style workflows and APIs. 

It does not require coding to start. Professional quality code gets automatically generated for you.

You can design a prototype to production-hosted in minutes.

15. Build your Marketplace MVP


You can create a marketplace business fast without having to write code.

Sharetribe allows users to create websites like Airbnb, eBay, or Fiverr, and earn money while your users sell or rent goods, services, or spaces.

16. Connect Apps and Services without Writing Code  


Zapier is a no-code tool that connects your apps and automates your workflows.

With Zapier, you can start workflows form any app and automate it.


  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Ease of use
  • Pre-built Zaps (automation)
  • Huge library of existing connections


  • The learning curve for beginners
  • Some users report that Zapier suddenly stops without warning


It is way practical to save your money and time by gathering insights from your MVP.

You can spend less money and eliminate risks when developing your product with these 30 no-code tools to start building an MVP in just 2 days.

Direct your own MVP building journey successfully without needing coders!


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