How To Find Company Email Addresses?

Today, it is much easier and practical to contact online with companies or individuals working in companies. But sometimes, we may have difficulty finding personal or corporate contact information of companies or individuals working on the Internet. In this context, it is possible to say that a large number of digital tools are produced that operate as company email name finders.

In this content, we will both talk about these basic tools that work as email verifier and email finder, and we will show you a few manual methods to find company emails without the need to use them. You can easily reach the result by following the step-by-step methods!

1. Finding Linkedin Account of For Email Information of The Company

If you want to find the company's corporate email address, the first thing you need to do is find the company's Linkedin account. To find a Linkedin account, type the company's official name in Google and add the word Linkedin at the end. The account you will find on Linkedin will contain a lot of information. You can choose the following methods with the information you get through the Linkedin account:

a) In the Contact Info section of theLinkedin account, the corporate email address of the company may be locateddirectly. First of all, we recommend you to check here. You can contact thecompany directly when you find the e-mail here.

b) If you cannot find the mail directly on the Linkedin account, you can find the information of the people working in the company again from the profile. Go to the profiles of these employees. Then, one by one, you can see the emails of these employees from the Contact Info section. Reviewing employee emails can be extremely useful for making an estimate of the company's corporate mail. Then, you can check the e-mail you guessed by searching on Google or by using the email verifier tools.

2. Finding Official Website of the Company

If you want to find an email address of a corporate company, finding a Linkedin account can be useful at some point. For example, many companies share their official website via Linkedin. You can go to the official website here. After visiting the official website, you can find the company's e-mail address by following two different methods:

a) First, check if the company's contact information tab is available. Usually smaller companies will have an additional page called contact. Here is the company's email address. You must copy the maill address manually and use it via the mail system. This is an extremely useful method.

b) If you cannot find a separate page on the company's official website for communication, go down to the bottom of the landing page. Usually, there is a form at the bottom under the name of Contact Us. In this form, the company's e-mail address does not appear. However, the mail you send by entering your own information will be answered directly by the official mail of the company.

contact us email template website

3. Attending Email List of the Company

If you want to learn the company's website address but any of the above methods didn't work, we have another idea. Find the company's official website by doing a short research directly on Google. It can usually work to write the company name and add a web at the end, or add .com to the end by typing the company name. Then check if there is an email subscription service on the site. If there is such a list, sign up for it. In this way, you will receive a welcome mail immediately. This mail is usually sent through the corporate email address of the company. In this way, you can easily learn the company email address.

You can also access the company's corporate Linkedin account first to find the company's website. From here it is possible to enter the official website and then subscribe to the e-mail list.

4. Using Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are extremely popular today. Corporate companies also use many social media platforms to manage their customer relations in the most accurate way. If you don't have a chance to access the company's mail address, check both the Linkedin account and the links on the company's official website to access its social media accounts (especially Twitter and Instagram). Usually, there are icons of various social media platforms in the upper right corner of the website, and clicking on these icons will take you to the company’s website. You can reach emails by applying different strategies on different social media platforms.

If you have found the Instagram account, you should first check whether there is an email button on the Instagram profile. If there is an email button, you can contact the company immediately using this button. If there is no such button, you can contact the company via DM and request an e-mail. If you include your reason for requesting e-mail in your direct message, you will be more likely to receive a reply.

instagram bio to find company email address

If you have found the Twitter account, be sure to check the email address for biography first. If there is no mail related information in the biography section, use Twitter's advanced search function.

When using this function, enter "email" or "contact" in the search field. Just after that, type from: in a parenthesis and add the username of the company's twitter address here. In this way, if the company tweeted an email address before, you will be able to see it immediately.

5. Using Email Finder Tools

Above, we mentioned a few manual methods that you can use to find out an unknown company email address. As you can imagine, none of these methods require fees. You can find your email address quite easily and quickly by doing a few small researches and operations. However, if you need to find the e-mail address of different individuals or companies institutionally, or if you have not found the e-mail address you are looking for even though you tried the above methods, we have another method for you.

Moreover, if you wish to find an email address with one of the above methods, you can also use these tools to find out if the one you have found is right or not. Because these tools also have an email verifier feature.

We will examine several different email finder applications that are most preferred with you. These applications can be used immediately by purchasing paid packages. If you think you will need this service only once or twice, you can use the free trial versions of these applications and then cancel your payment information.

1. serves both as email verifier and as a tool that quickly and easily finds the social media profiles of companies.
2. Another feature of this tool is known as social url search. This feature is a highly advanced feature that allows you to find the name of the mail that is connected to a specific social media platform.
3. In addition, full prospect profiles search service is provided, which offers detailed information about the company's employee names, employee information and mail, location and more.
4. Finally, thanks to the service of finding an email address by name, you can easily try the method of finding the company's mail, starting from the mail of an employee.

1. Hunter allows you to find email addresses belonging to a particular domain. In this way, you can easily find the corporate e-mail address of the company, for example, by using the official website's domain.
2. This tool also provides additional services such as finding e-mail addresses from the name.
3. It is also possible to use the email verifier service of this digital tool to test your email estimates and to be sure of yourself before sending an e-mail.
4. This tool does not provide research service to company profile. In addition, social url research service is provided only for Twitter accounts. So if you want to use this tool, start a search through the url of the company's Twitter address and easily find a corporate email.

Zoom Info

1. Like many other email finder applications, this application offers the free trial option to users. With this option, you can perform your first few email finding processes for free.
2. You can search for full prospect profile using this tool. These types of searches give you access to all information within a very short time, including the position of individuals in the company, their email addresses and locations.
3. It is also possible for corporate companies to perform bulk email research for marketing purposes via this tool.

1. Another app that can be extremely useful for people and organizations searching for companies is This app is preferred by many because it offers a free trial option.
2. You can make full profile prospect calls on Scrapp.Io and get a general analysis of the institution you designated.
3. If you want to make multiple companies' email addresses at once, you can also benefit from the bulk email research option.
4. Thanks to the domain research feature, you can easily find a corporate corporate email address by referencing a company website.
5. Thanks to the company profile research feature, you can find the company social media accounts you need to find your email address immediately.
6. Finally, you can easily query the relevant email address by referring to this profile of a company from which you learned the social media account.

1. Thanks to email finder and verification application that does not have any free trial options, you can quickly find the email address of the companies you are looking for.
2. This application allows you to make a full profile prospect search just like any other. In this way, even if you cannot find the corporate email of the company, you can guess the corporate email address through the email addresses of the people working there.
3. Also, Prospect.Io is the tool you need to use when you want to query the mail addresses of both a collective contact list and a company list in bulk.
4. Moreover, this tool allows you to find the email address that owns that website by referencing any website. You can do this specifically using the company website.
5. In addition, this company provides social URL research service via Linkedin. In other words, you can request an email address by giving the profile of a company you know the Linkedin account to the system.

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